Tequila Mockingbird has been creating original music and sound design for commercial makers, hit makers and film makers for over 25 years. We’re good at listening, better at collaboration and excellent at arriving at the best solution on time and within budget.
Whether you need original music with lyrics, music beds, song redo’s, soundtracks, or sound design, our composers are not only original and collaborative, they know the score. Get it?
Sound design can happen with sound effects or soundscapes that are created musically and often grow directly from the music track—our favorite kind.
We can help you find chart toppers or no-hit wonders to license or revamp. We do searches from commercial libraries and from our own. Once you've chosen a track, we can help you
license it and modify or re-record it.
We're happy to put your talent in front of a microphone--in a studio or virtually. If necessary, we can help you with auditions, and even assist you with writing and directing.
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