Creating your track is like building a custom home. If you want a hot tub in the laundry room or an alpaca pen in the den, we can make that happen. And for you old school music lovers, we still like real instruments. Give us any excuse to fire up the Mellotron oboe and we’re on it.

Sound design can happen with sound effects or highly complex (and sometimes emotionally charged) soundscapes that can even grow out of the music track or vice versa.

We can help you find chart toppers or no-hit wonders to license or revamp. We do searches from commercial libraries and from our own. Once you’ve settled on a track, we can help you license it and modify or re-record it.

We’re happy to put your talent in front of a microphone and let them talk to their heart’s content—in a studio or virtually. If necessary, we can produce, direct, edit and even help you with writing and content creation.

For your peace of mind (and ours,) we carry Errors and Omissions Insurance (although we’ve never had to use it.) And we clear all projects that require it with our New York City-based musicologist.

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